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About studying at Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economic for international students



Greeting of President

Dear friends!

Welcome to the corporate portal of Saint Petersburg University of Management and Economics.

SPbUME is one of the largest educational institutions in Russia which provides European education in Russia.
The University has modern teaching facilities and aids, over 70 computer classes, and a library with holdings over 600 thousand copies of special, scientific and academic books.

Over 30 thousand students, learners, doctoral candidates and postgraduate students annually receive training at the University in 76 specializations that are currently in great demand under present-day economic conditions.

SPbUME teaching staff numbers over one and a half thousand persons and has a powerful scientific potential in basic and applied research. Training at SPbUME is conducted by over 40 full members and corresponding members of the Russian and international academies of sciences, about 200 doctors of science and professors, 690 candidates of science and associate professors.
The University is called one of the leading higher education establishments in Russia because we were the first to prove in practice that modern society needs advanced teaching technologies and a variety of teaching programs.

By using the efficient lifelong education system pre-institution, higher, post-institution and additional professional training - SPbUME has set the stage for creation of university training-scientific-innovative complexes. To meet the needs of modern society the University uses advanced teaching technologies and a variety of study programs.

On pages of our corporate portal you may find any information you may need or be interested in.

President of St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics, Ph.D., Economics, Professor,
Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, honoured worker of science of Russian Federation,
V.A. Gnevko

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Last News

Congratulations to the winners of the All-Russian competition of departments and educational programs "Economics and Management - 2015"
On the 16th of May, 2016 the jury and the organizing committee of the All-Russian competition hold a sitting, summarizing the results of the competition between faculties and educational programs called "Economics and Management - 2015". The Bachelor program in "Economics" with specialization in "Finance and Credit" and the Master's degree in "Economics" with specialization in "Financial Management" were recognized as the winners.

Committee for Science and Higher Education on the basis of Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics holds the International scientific and practical conference
Role of intellectual capital in economic, social and legal culture of the society in the I century.
We cordially invite you to take part in the conference which will take place on November 11-12, 2015 at Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics at 44, Lermontovsky prospect, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190103. The registration of participants will start on November 11, 2015 9:30 a.m. and official opening of the conference will be held at 10:30 a.m.
The participants of the conference are Russian and foreign scientists and experts in the field of economy, social studies, law; representatives of academic staff of higher education institutions, scientific and public organizations staff, government officials, students, higher education institutions and scientific organizations postgraduates.

As a part of the conference the break-out session, plenary meeting, round tables, master classes devoted to the following issues will be held:

On July 27 August 5, 2015 Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics hold the Summer Business School DOING BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT IN RUSSIA. This year, participants came Armenia, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia and Finland.
Every day of the program started with the lectures of the University professors: Galina Getmanova, Andrei Kuiukov and Anigba Hod Kvadzo. During the program students got to know the peculiarities of business culture in Russia, business ethics, economic situation in the country, investment portfolio, domestic and foreign trade of Russia. Apart theoretical classes students were engaged in the teamwork. Every student participated in two projects. In the first project students worked in large groups of 6-7 persons. The task was made in accordance with the theoretical part "business in Russia," students elaborated the financial strategy of the Russian bread company after implantation of new production technologies. In the second project students worked in pairs on the topic: Development of the business cooperation between Russia and foreign countries.

On May 20, 2015 a group of part-time students of the Tourism Chair, the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and their supervisor, Professor Seija Heikkinen, made a visit to UME.
First of all Kajaani students visited the University museum they got acquainted with the history of UME and were impressed by the opportunities offered by the virtual branch of the Russian Museum. During the tour, the students also visited the library and the dining room of the University, training and computer classes.
Later on the Chair of Tourism professor Sergey Mitrofanov delivered a lecture for Kajaani students on the peculiarities of St.Petersburg and Russia travel markets.
During the lecture he talked about the main reasons of the tourist flow reduction from Russia to foreign countries, such as the fluctuation of ruble against euro and dollar, a global political situation, an economic instability. Professor Mitrofanov noted that due to the closure of some large tour operators last year in St. Petersburg, many tourists have lost confidence in tourism companies and prefer to organize journeys themselves as well as to select travelling around Russia that contributes to the development of domestic tourism. Finnish students noted they were extremely disappointed by the decrease in the number of Russian tourists visiting Finland this year.

Coventry University (CU) is a rather new partner of our university as a Memorandum of Understanding between UME and CU was signed in January 2015 during a business trip of UME President Victor Gnevko to UK.

Upon the arrival on April, 20, Suzanna Tomassi visited the hotel and training complex Pushkinsky and got acquainted with its premises, classrooms, a library with a multimedia reading room, the dormitory and the canteen.

The next day Prof. Tomassi made the presentation of the Coventry University for UME students and invited them to participate in various ex programs offered by the CU. For those who dont want to leave the home university for a long period of time Suzanna promoted different summer school programs, such as English language classes, history and culture of the UK, the culture of communication and media, psychology, sports industry, leadership, etc.

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